In terms of cultural background, race and ethnicity, the composition of Centro Mater’s administration mirrors the diverse communities it serves.

In addition, our staff members are trained to be culturally sensitive to the needs of clients. Centro Mater’s teaching staff is bilingual (English and Spanish). All forms, newsletters, menus, and announcements are provided in English and Spanish. Furthermore, all activities and events support and respect the various cultures, languages, ethnicities, and religious beliefs of served families.

The efforts of the Centro Mater Foundation are spearheaded by a dedicated board of directors.


Octavio A. Verdeja, Jr.

Board Members:

    Ana Carbonell

    Ana Ortega

    Augusto Vidaurreta

    Bebi Palenzuela

    Brenda M. Moreira

    Claudia de la Cruz

    Isabel de Quesada

    Lourdes Machado

    Margie Costa Suarez

    Maria E. Wollberg

    María Figarola Arazoza

    Matthew Bruno

    Maty Aldrich

    Miriam Roman

    Rick Riesgo

    Sofía Powell-Cosio