What lies at the core of Centro Mater’s vision are forward-reaching standards and goals that focus its endeavors to:

  • Provide a clean, safe, and nurturing environment that promotes a positive atmosphere for children.
  • Offer educational and social supportive services, nutritional and health guidance, along with developmental experiences.
  • Give children, at each developmental stage, a foundation for the successful obtainment of knowledge.
  • Approach child care and education with an emphasis on quality individual attention through an impressive staff to child ratio.
  • Offer a devoted staff with substantial academic and child development training.
  • Encourage diversity and individuality.
  • Promote the love of self, community and learning.
  • Provide youths with the tools to become problem solvers, independent explorers and creative thinkers.
  • Extend support services to parents, guardians and families.
  • Support parent’s self-sufficiency by providing them opportunities to strengthen their family unit, prevent drug abuse, deal with domestic violence, and develop parenting skills.
  • Remain accessible to all families of any ethnicity, race and/or religion.
  • Continue to be actively involved in the community.
  • Provide a safe haven for ideas, expression and progress—where every child Maters.


Since 2007, Centro Mater Child Care Services Inc. has been managed by Catholic Health Services (CHS) within the Archdiocese of Miami. CHS Administrative services supports Centro Mater’s facilities and programs through executive leadership; strategic planning and development; budget preparation; financial reporting and accounting services; information technology management; human resource support; program supervision; risk management services; materials management; and all monitoring of structural stabilities.

Along with the Centro Mater Foundation, CMCCS receives funds from:

  • Miami-Dade County’s Head Start/Early Head Start
  • The Children’s Trust
  • Child Care Food Program
  • Miami-Dade County’s Community Based Organizations
  • City of Miami’s Department of Community Development
  • United Way
  • Child Development Services
  • Peacock Foundation
  • The Health Foundation of South Florida.

Centro Mater is overseen by various governmental agencies and must adhere to the most stringent of requirements and regulations. Those responsible for oversight include:

  • The Department of Children and Families
  • U.S. Department of Health
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • State and Local funding sources, including Miami-Dade County Head Start/Early Head Start, United Way, and The Children’s Trust